Year 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Model Gen 1 Gen 2 Gen 3
Cooper Hardtop R50 R50 (Facelift) R56/R56S R56/R56S (LCI)* F56/F56S
Cooper S Hardtop R53 R53 (Facelift)
Convertible R52/R52S R57/R57S R57/R57S (LCI)* F57
Clubman R55/R55S R55/R55S (LCI)* F54
Coupe R58/R58S
Roadster R59/R59S
Countryman R60/R60S F60
Paceman R61/R61S
4-Door Hardtop F55/F55S

* "LCI" stands for 'Life Cycle Impulse' and refers to the mid-generational design refresh.

What does this light mean?

Indicator Icons

Posted by Shereef Ben Jamal in https://www.facebook.com/groups/LXMINIacs/, original source unknown

So MINI Colors!

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Absolute BlackMetallicB11 BlackB112011
Absolute BlackMetallicB11 BlackB112012
Absolute BlackMetallicB11 BlackB112013
Astro BlackMetallicA25 BlackA252005
Astro BlackMetallicA25 BlackA252006
Astro BlackMetallicA25 BlackA252007
Astro BlackMetallicA25 BlackA252008
Black Eye Purple/Purple HazeMetallicA24 PurpleA242005
Black Eye Purple/Purple HazeMetallicA24 PurpleA242006
Blazing RedMetallicB83 RedB832013
Blazing RedMetallicB83 RedB832014
Blazing RedMetallicB83 RedB832015
Bright YellowSolidB17 YellowB172011
Bright YellowSolidB17 YellowB172012
Brilliant CopperMetallicB60 CopperB602013
British Racing GreenMetallic895 Green8952002
British Racing GreenMetallic895 Green8952003
British Racing GreenMetallic895 Green8952004
British Racing GreenMetallic895 Green8952005
British Racing GreenMetallicA67 GreenA672006
British Racing GreenMetallicA67 GreenA672007
British Racing GreenMetallicA67 GreenA672008
British Racing GreenMetallicA67 GreenA672009
British Racing GreenMetallicA67 GreenA672010
British Racing Green IIMetallicB22 GreenB222011
British Racing Green IIMetallicB22 GreenB222012
British Racing Green IIMetallicB22 GreenB222013
British Racing Green IIMetallicB22 GreenB222014
British Racing Green IIMetallicB22 GreenB222015
Chili RedSolid851 Red8512002
Chili RedSolid851 Red8512003
Chili RedSolid851 Red8512004
Chili RedSolid851 Red8512005
Chili RedSolid851 Red8512006
Chili RedSolid851 Red8512007
Chili RedSolid851 Red8512008
Chili RedSolid851 Red8512009
Chili RedSolid851 Red8512010
Chili RedSolid851 Red8512011
Chili RedSolid851 Red8512012
Chili RedSolid851 Red8512013
Chili RedSolid851 Red8512014
Connaught GreenSolidGN18 GreenGN182010
Cool BlueMetallicA27 BlueA272005
Cool BlueMetallicA27 BlueA272006
Cool BlueMetallicA27 BlueA272007
Cosmic BlueMetallicB13 BlueB132011
Cosmic BlueMetallicB13 BlueB132012
Cosmic BlueMetallicB13 BlueB132013
Cosmos BlackMetallic303 Black3032002
Cosmos BlackMetallic303 Black3032003
Cosmos BlackMetallic303 Black3032004
Crystal SilverMetallicB12 SilverB122011
Crystal SilverMetallicB12 SilverB122012
Crystal SilverMetallicB12 SilverB122013
Dark SilverMetallic871 Grey8712002
Dark SilverMetallic871 Grey8712003
Dark SilverMetallic871 Grey8712004
Dark SilverMetallic871 Grey8712005
Dark SilverMetallic871 Grey8712006
Dark SilverMetallic871 Grey8712007
Dark SilverMetallic871 Grey8712008
Dark SilverMetallic871 Grey8712009
Dark SilverMetallic871 Grey8712010
Deep BlueMetallicB69 BlueB692014
Deep BlueMetallicB69 BlueB692015
Eclipse GreyMetallicB24 GreyB242011
Eclipse GreyMetallicB24 GreyB242012
Eclipse GreyMetallicB24 GreyB242013
Electric BlueMetallic870 Blue8702002
Electric BlueMetallic870 Blue8702003
Electric BlueMetallic870 Blue8702004
Electric BlueMetallic870 Blue8702005
Electric BlueMetallic870 Blue8702006
Goodwood Diamond BlackMetallicR32 BlackR322012
Highclass GreyMetallicB43 GreyB432012
Highclass GreyMetallicB43 GreyB432013
Horizon BlueMetallicA93 BlueA932009
Horizon BlueMetallicA93 BlueA932010
Horizon BlueMetallicA93 BlueA932011
Hot ChocolateMetallicA88 BrownA882008
Hot ChocolateMetallicA88 BrownA882009
Hot ChocolateMetallicA88 BrownA882010
Hot ChocolateMetallicA88 BrownA882011
Hot ChocolateMetallicA88 BrownA882012
Hot OrangeMetallicA26 OrangeA262005
Hot OrangeMetallicA26 OrangeA262006
Hot OrangeMetallicA26 OrangeA262007
Hyper BlueMetallicA28 BlueA282005
Hyper BlueMetallicA28 BlueA282006
Ice BlueSolidB28 BlueB282010
Ice BlueSolidB28 BlueB282011
Ice BlueSolidB28 BlueB282012
Ice BlueSolidB28 BlueB282013
Iced ChocolateMetallicB49 BrownB492012
Iced ChocolateMetallicB49 BrownB492013
Iced ChocolateMetallicB49 BrownB492014
Iced ChocolateMetallicB49 BrownB492015
Indi BlueMetallic862 Blue8622002
Indi BlueMetallic862 Blue8622003
Indi BlueMetallic862 Blue8622004
Interchange YellowSolidA95 YellowA952009
Interchange YellowSolidA95 YellowA952010
Jet Black/Jet Black IISolid668 Black6682002
Jet Black/Jet Black IISolid668 Black6682003
Jet Black/Jet Black IISolid668 Black6682004
Jet Black/Jet Black IISolid668 Black6682005
Kite BlueMetallicB48 BlueB482012
Kite BlueMetallicB48 BlueB482013
Laguna GreenMetallicB46 GreenB462012
Laser BlueMetallicA59 BlueA592007
Laser BlueMetallicA59 BlueA592008
Laser BlueMetallicA59 BlueA592009
Laser BlueMetallicA59 BlueA592010
Laser BlueMetallicA59 BlueA592011
Laser BlueMetallicA59 BlueA592012
Light CoffeeSolidB19 BrownB192011
Light CoffeeSolidB19 BrownB192012
Light CoffeeSolidB19 BrownB192013
Light WhiteSolidB15 WhiteB152011
Light WhiteSolidB15 WhiteB152012
Light WhiteSolidB15 WhiteB152013
Lightning BlueMetallicA63 BlueA632007
Lightning BlueMetallicA63 BlueA632008
Lightning BlueMetallicA63 BlueA632009
Lightning BlueMetallicA63 BlueA632012
Lightning BlueMetallicA63 BlueA632013
Liquid YellowSolid902 Yellow9022002
Liquid YellowSolid902 Yellow9022003
Liquid YellowSolid902 Yellow9022004
Liquid YellowSolid902 Yellow9022005
Liquid YellowSolid902 Yellow9022006
Mellow YellowSolidA58 YellowA582007
Mellow YellowSolidA58 YellowA582008
Mellow YellowSolidA58 YellowA582009
Midnight BlackMetallicA94 BlackA942009
Midnight BlackMetallicA94 BlackA942010
Midnight BlackMetallicA94 BlackA942011
Midnight BlackMetallicA94 BlackA942012
Midnight BlackMetallicA94 BlackA942013
Midnight BlackMetallicA94 BlackA942014
Midnight BlackMetallicA94 BlackA942015
Moonwalk GreyMetallicB71 GreyB712015
Nightfire RedMetallic857 Red8572007
Nightfire RedMetallic857 Red8572008
Nightfire RedMetallic857 Red8572009
Nightfire RedMetallic857 Red8572010
Oxford GreenMetallicB26 GreenB262011
Oxford GreenMetallicB26 GreenB262012
Oxford GreenMetallicB26 GreenB262013
Oxygen BlueSolidA74 BlueA742007
Oxygen BlueSolidA74 BlueA742008
Oxygen BlueSolidA74 BlueA742009
Oxygen BlueSolidA74 BlueA742010
Pepper WhiteSolid850 White8502002
Pepper WhiteSolid850 White8502003
Pepper WhiteSolid850 White8502004
Pepper WhiteSolid850 White8502005
Pepper WhiteSolid850 White8502006
Pepper WhiteSolid850 White8502007
Pepper WhiteSolid850 White8502008
Pepper WhiteSolid850 White8502009
Pepper WhiteSolid850 White8502010
Pepper WhiteSolid850 White8502011
Pepper WhiteSolid850 White8502012
Pepper WhiteSolid850 White8502013
Pepper WhiteSolid850 White8502014
Pepper WhiteSolid850 White8502015
Pure RedSolidB16 RedB162011
Pure RedSolidB16 RedB162012
Pure SilverMetallic900 Silver9002002
Pure SilverMetallic900 Silver9002003
Pure SilverMetallic900 Silver9002004
Pure SilverMetallic900 Silver9002005
Pure SilverMetallic900 Silver9002006
Pure SilverMetallic900 Silver9002007
Pure SilverMetallic900 Silver9002008
Pure SilverMetallic900 Silver9002009
Pure SilverMetallic900 Silver9002010
Pure SilverMetallic900 Silver9002011
Reef BlueMetallicB30 BlueB302011
Reef BlueMetallicB30 BlueB302012
Reef BlueMetallicB30 BlueB302013
Rooftop GreyMetallicB47 GreyB472012
Rooftop GreyMetallicB47 GreyB472013
Royal GreyMetallicA48 GreyA482006
Royal GreyMetallicA48 GreyA482011
Royal GreyMetallicA48 GreyA482012
Royal GreyMetallicA48 GreyA482013
Silk GreenMetallic901 Green9012002
Silk GreenMetallic901 Green9012003
Solar RedMetallicA47 RedA472006
Solid GoldMetallic859 Gold8592003
Solid GoldMetallic859 Gold8592004
Solid GoldMetallic859 Gold8592005
Space BlueMetallicA49 BlueA492006
Sparkling SilverMetallicA60 SilverA602007
Sparkling SilverMetallicA60 SilverA602008
Sparkling SilverMetallicA60 SilverA602009
Sparkling SilverMetallicA60 SilverA602010
Sparkling SilverMetallicA60 SilverA602011
Spice OrangeMetallicB23 OrangeB232011
Spice OrangeMetallicB23 OrangeB232012
Spice OrangeMetallicB23 OrangeB232013
Starlight BlueMetallicB62 BlueB622013
Surf BlueSolidB18 BlueB182011
Surf BlueSolidB18 BlueB182012
Thunder BlueMetallicA64 BlueA642006
Thunder GreyMetallicB58 GreyB582013
Thunder GreyMetallicB58 GreyB582014
Thunder GreyMetallicB58 GreyB582015
True BlueMetallicB14 BlueB142011
True BlueMetallicB14 BlueB142012
True BlueMetallicB14 BlueB142013
Velvet RedSolid903 Red9032002
Velvet RedSolid903 Red9032003
Velvet SilverMetallicB31 SilverB312012
Velvet SilverMetallicB31 SilverB312013
Volcanic OrangeSolidB70 OrangeB702014
Volcanic OrangeSolidB70 OrangeB702015
White SilverMetallicA62 SilverA622007
White SilverMetallicA62 SilverA622008
White SilverMetallicA62 SilverA622009
White SilverMetallicA62 SilverA622010
White SilverMetallicA62 SilverA622011
White SilverMetallicA62 SilverA622012
White SilverMetallicA62 SilverA622013
White SilverMetallicA62 SilverA622014
White SilverMetallicA62 SilverA622015

The Wheels on the Race Car Go 'Round and 'Round [under construction]

Click/tap the listing headers to sort by that column

[image]R105-Star SpoolerSilver15" (5.5J x 15)175/65 R152007-
[image]R105-Star SpoolerWhite15" (5.5J x 15)175/65 R152007-
[image]R817-HoleSilver15" (5.5J x 15)175/65 R152002-
[image]R817-HoleWhite15" (5.5J x 15)175/65 R152002-
[image]R828-SpokeSilver15" (5.5J x 15)175/65 R152002-
[image]R828-SpokeWhite15" (5.5J x 15)175/65 R152002-
[image]R835-StarSilver16" (6.5J x 16)195/55 R162002-
[image]R835-StarWhite16" (6.5J x 16)195/55 R162002-
[image]R84V-SpokeSilver16" (6.5J x 16)195/55 R162002-
[image]R84V-SpokeWhite16" (6.5J x 16)195/55 R162002-
[image]R85S-SpokeSilver17" (7J x 17)205/45 R172002-
[image]R85S-SpokeWhite17" (7J x 17)205/45 R172002-
[image]R85S-SpokeChrome17" (7J x 17)205/45 R172008-
[image]R86Star SpokeSilver15" (5.5J x 15)175/60 R162002-
[image]R87Double SpokeSilver16" (6.5J x 16)195/55 R162002-
[image]R88Double SpokeSilver16" (6.5J x 16)195/55 R162002-
[image]R90Cross SpokeSilver16" (6.5J x 16)195/55 R162002-
[image]R90Cross Spoke (Two Piece)Silver17" (7J x 17)205/45 R172002-
[image]R90Cross Spoke (Two Piece)Anthracite17" (7J x 17)205/45 R172004-
[image]R90Cross Spoke (Two Piece)Black17" (7J x 17)205/45 R172008-
[image]R927-FinSilver15" (5.5J x 15)175/65 R152005-
[image]R935-Star RocketSilver15" (5.5J x 15)175/65 R152005-
[image]R94Bridge SpokeSilver16" (6.5J x 16)195/55 R162006-
[image]R94Bridge SpokeWhite16" (6.5J x 16)195/55 R162006-
[image]R94Bridge SpokeBlack16" (6.5J x 16)195/55 R162009-
[image]R101Rotator SpokeSilver15" (5.5J x 15)175/65 R152007-
[image]R101Rotator SpokeWhite15" (5.5J x 15)175/65 R152007-
[image]R102S-WinderSilver16" (6.5J x 16)195/55 R162007-
[image]R102S-WinderWhite16" (6.5J x 16)195/55 R162007-
[image]R1035-Star BlasterSilver16" (6.5J x 16)195/55 R162007-
[image]R1035-Star BlasterWhite16" (6.5J x 16)195/55 R162007-
[image]R115Rib SpokeSilver16" (6.5J x 16)195/55 R162011-
[image]R1196-Star Twin SpokeSilver16" (6.5J x 16)195/55 R162011-
[image]R1196-Star Twin SpokeBlack16" (6.5J x 16)195/55 R162011-
[image]???5-Star SpokeSilver15" (5.5J x 15)175/65 R152011-
[image]???Heli SpokeSilver15" (5.5J x 15)175/65 R152014-

Powerplants [under construction]

Click/tap the listing headers to sort by that column

W1? (W1????)Tritec1.4LNaturally Aspirated4-cylinderPetrol74 hp200?-2008R50 OnePortugal, Greece
W1? (W1????)Tritec1.6LNaturally Aspirated4-cylinderPetrol89 hp200?-2008R50 OneNot available in N.A.
1ND-TV (???)Toyota1.4LTurbodiesel4-cylinderDiesel74 hp200?-200?R50 One DNot available in N.A.
W10 (W10B16)Tritec1.6LNaturally Aspirated4-cylinderPetrol114 hp2002-2006R50 Cooper-
W11 (W11B16)Tritec1.6LSupercharged4-cylinderPetrol160 hp2002-2006R53 Cooper S-
W10 (W10B16)Tritec1.6LNaturally Aspirated4-cylinderPetrol??? hp2005-2008R52 Cooper Convertible-
W10 (W11B16)Tritec1.6LSupercharged4-cylinderPetrol??? hp2005-2008R52 Cooper S Convertible-
N12 (N12B16)Prince1.6LNaturally Aspirated4-cylinderPetrol??? hp2008-2010R55 Cooper Clubman-
DV6 (??????)Peugeot1.6LTurbodiesel4-cylinderDiesel108 bhp2008-2010R55 Cooper D ClubmanNot available in N.A.
N14 (N12B16)Prince1.6LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol??? hp2008-2010R55 Cooper S Clubman-
??? (??????)??????1.6LTurbodiesel4-cylinderDiesel??? hp2008-2010R55 Cooper SD ClubmanNot available in N.A.
N14 (N12B16)Prince1.6LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol??? hp2008-2010R55 John Cooper Works Clubman-
??? (??????)Prince1.?LNaturally Aspirated4-cylinderPetrol??? hp2007-2010R56 OneNot available in N.A.
DV6 (??????)Peugeot1.6LNaturally Aspirated4-cylinderDiesel108 bhp2007-2009R56 One DNot available in N.A.
N12 (N12B16)Prince1.6LNaturally Aspirated4-cylinderPetrol??? hp2007-2010R56 Cooper-
DV6 (??????)Peugeot1.6LNaturally Aspirated4-cylinderDiesel108 bhp2007-2009R56 Cooper DNot available in N.A.
AC-150AC Propulsion-ElectricN/ALi-Ion Battery200 hp2009-2010R56 ETest markets only
N14 (N12B16)Prince1.6LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol??? hp2007-2010R56 Cooper S-
??? (??????)??????1.6LTurbodiesel4-cylinderDiesel??? hp200?-201?R56 Cooper SDNot available in N.A.
N14 (N12B16)Prince1.6LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol??? hp2007-2010R56 John Cooper Works-
N12 (N12B16)Prince1.6LNaturally Aspirated4-cylinderPetrol??? hp2009-2010R57 Cooper Convertible-
N14 (N12B16)Prince1.6LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol??? hp2009-2010R57 Cooper S Convertible-
N16 (N16B16)Prince1.6LNaturally Aspirated4-cylinderPetrol??? hp2011-2014R55 Cooper Clubman-
N16 (N16B16)Prince1.6LNaturally Aspirated4-cylinderPetrol??? hp2013R55 Cooper Clubvan-
N47 (N47???)BMW1.6LTurbodiesel4-cylinderDiesel??? hp2011-2014R55 Cooper D ClubmanNot available in N.A.
N18 (N18B16)Prince1.6LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol??? hp2011-2014R55 Cooper S Clubman-
N47 (N47???)BMW2.0LTurbodiesel4-cylinderDiesel??? hp2011-2014R55 Cooper SD ClubmanNot available in N.A.
N18 (N18B16)Prince1.6LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol??? hp2011-2014R55 John Cooper Works Clubman-
N?? (??????)Prince1.4LNaturally Aspirated4-cylinderPetrol??? hp2011-2013R56 One-
DV6 (??????)Peugeot1.6LTurbodiesel4-cylinderDiesel??? hp2011-2013R56 One DNot available in N.A.
N16 (N16B16)Prince1.6LNaturally Aspirated4-cylinderPetrol??? hp2011-2013R56 Cooper-
DV6 (??????)Peugeot1.6LTurbodiesel4-cylinderDiesel??? hp2011-2013R56 Cooper DNot available in N.A.
N18 (N18B16)Prince1.6LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol??? hp2011-2013R56 Cooper S-
N47 (N47???)BMW2.0LTurbodiesel4-cylinderDiesel??? hp2011-2013R56 Cooper SDNot available in N.A.
N18 (N18B16)Prince1.6LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol??? hp2011-2013R56 John Cooper Works-
N16 (N16B16)Prince1.6LNaturally Aspirated4-cylinderPetrol??? hp2011-2015R57 Cooper Convertible-
N18 (N18B16)Prince1.6LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol??? hp2011-2015R57 Cooper S Convertible-
N18 (N18B16)Prince1.6LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol208 hp2011-2015R57 John Cooper Works Convertible-
N16 (N16B16)Prince1.6LNaturally Aspirated4-cylinderPetrol121 hp2011-2015R58 Cooper Coupe-
N18 (N18B16)Prince1.6LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol181 hp2011-2015R58 Cooper S Coupe-
N18 (N18B16)Prince1.6LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol208 hp2011-2015R58 John Cooper Works Coupe-
N16 (N16B16)Prince1.6LNaturally Aspirated4-cylinderPetrol121 hp2012-2015R59 Cooper Roadster-
N18 (N18B16)Prince1.6LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol181 hp2012-2015R59 Cooper S Roadster-
N18 (N18B16)Prince1.6LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol208 hp2012-2015R59 John Cooper Works Roadster-
N16 (N16???)Prince1.6LNaturally Aspirated4-cylinderPetrol98 hp2010+R60 Countryman OneNot available in N.A.
N47 (N47???)BMW1.6LTurbodiesel4-cylinderDiesel89 hp2010+R60 Countryman One DNot available in N.A.
N16 (N16B16)Prince1.6LNaturally Aspirated4-cylinderPetrol122 hp2010+R60 Cooper Countryman-
N47 (N47???)BMW1.6LTurbodiesel4-cylinderDiesel112 hp2010+R60 Cooper D CountrymanNot available in N.A.
N18 (N18B16)Prince1.6LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol190 hp2010+R60 Cooper S Countryman-
N47 (N47???)BMW2.0LTurbodiesel4-cylinderDiesel143 hp2010+R60 Cooper SD CountrymanNot available in N.A.
N18 (N18B16)Prince1.6LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol218 hp2012+R60 John Cooper Works Countryman-
N16 (N16B16)Prince1.6LNaturally Aspirated4-cylinderPetrol122 hp2013-2016R61 Cooper Paceman-
N47 (N47???)BMW1.6LTurbodiesel4-cylinderDiesel112 hp2013-2016R61 Cooper D PacemanNot available in N.A.
N18 (N18B16)Prince1.6LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol190 hp2013-2016R61 Cooper S Paceman-
N47 (N47???)BMW2.0LTurbodiesel4-cylinderDiesel143 hp2013-2016R61 Cooper SD PacemanNot available in N.A.
N18 (N18B16)Prince1.6LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol218 hp2013-2016R61 John Cooper Works Paceman-
B38 (B38???)BMW1.2LTurbocharged3-cylinderPetrol102 hp2014+F56 OneNot available in N.A.
B37 (B37???)BMW1.5LTurbodiesel3-cylinderDiesel95 hp2014+F56 One DNot available in N.A.
B38 (B38A15A)BMW1.5LTurbocharged3-cylinderPetrol136 hp2014+F56 Cooper-
B37 (B37???)BMW1.5LTurbodiesel3-cylinderDiesel116 hp201?+F56 Cooper DNot available in N.A.
B48 (B48A20A)BMW2.0LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol192 hp2014+F56 Cooper S-
B47 (B47???)BMW2.0LTurbodiesel4-cylinderDiesel170 hp2014+F56 Cooper SDNot available in N.A.
B48 (B48A20B)BMW2.0LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol231 hp2014+F56 John Cooper Works-
B38 (B38???)BMW1.2LTurbocharged3-cylinderPetrol102 hp2014+F55 One 5-DoorNot available in N.A.
B37 (B37???)BMW1.5LTurbodiesel3-cylinderDiesel95 hp2014+F55 One D 5-DoorNot available in N.A.
B38 (B38A15A)BMW1.5LTurbocharged3-cylinderPetrol136 hp2014+F55 Cooper 5-Door-
B37 (B37???)BMW1.5LTurbodiesel3-cylinderDiesel116 hp2014+F55 Cooper D 5-DoorNot available in N.A.
B48 (B48A20A)BMW2.0LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol192 hp2014+F55 Cooper S 5-Door-
B47 (B47???)BMW2.0LTurbodiesel4-cylinderDiesel170 hp2014+F55 Cooper SD 5-DoorNot available in N.A.
B38 (B38A15A)BMW1.5LTurbocharged3-cylinderPetrol136 hp 2016+F54 Cooper Clubman-
B37 (B37???)BMW2.0LTurbodiesel4-cylinderDiesel150 bhp2016+F54 Cooper D ClubmanNot available in N.A.
B48 (B48A20A)BMW2.0LTurbocharged4-cylinderPetrol192 bhp2016+F54 Cooper S Clubman-
B47 (B47???)BMW2.0LTurbodiesel4-cylinderDiesel190 hp 2016+F54 Cooper SD ClubmanNot available in N.A.

Coding with Carly for BMW

What is Carly for BMW?

Carly for BMW is a smartphone app (available for Android or iOS) that uses a wireless OBD-II adapter to access your MINI's computers. With it you can view diagnostic information and engine parameters, perform service resets, and activate or modify features of your car (varies based on model, see below).

Our own Jim Wildner has the full version of the app as well as the OBD-II adapter and has graciously offered his services—free of charge for MINI owners—if you'd like to experiment with coding your car!

He's also a Carly Trainer, part of a program which gives him early access to app improvements, a direct line to the developers for feedback and questions, as well as discounts on Carly products.

If you're looking to purchase anything from Carly you can use Jim's voucher code to get a discount (5€, roughly $5) for you and a reward (~10€) for Jim—which he's said he will donate back to the club!

Jim's Carly Trainer Voucher Code: 9T8R4Q

For Amazon (US) orders, you'll need to contact Carly (trainer@mycarly.com) BEFORE you buy your adapter; Carly will give you a code to use on Amazon and the purchase will be counted toward Jim's trainer account.

See Links [Information > Coding] for links to Carly's website & Facebook page, support links, and shopping links.

Supported Models R50R52 R53R55 R56R57 R58R59 R60R61 F54F55 F56F57 F60
Diagnostics ? ? ? ? ? ?
Coding - - -
Engine Parameters - - - ? ? ?
Service Reset - - - ? - - ? ?
Battery Registration - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -